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Waste guide

We separate our waste in Rotterdam. This is good for the environment as it means that there is little residual waste left. A lot of our waste can be reused, such as paper, glass and old clothing.

Even plastic packaging, drinking cartons, organic materials and cooking oil can be reused.
But only if you put it in the right container! If you do so, we can give the waste a new life. Will you help us? If you are not sure which container to put your waste in, check the information below.


Translate the pages on this website by pressing the Translate button at the right of every page. Milieu Centraal’s and’s waste guides are not available in English.

Waste guide

Still not sure what goes where?

If you want to be sure what goes where, check the Waste guide on Link opens an external page or in the app. Then you know which container to put it all in.