First registration in the Netherlands
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Geprint op: 22-03-2019
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Are you staying in Rotterdam for longer than 4 months? Make sure you make an appointment for registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) within 5 days after your arrival.

You can make an appointment online by clicking the orange button below or call our municipal service number +31 10 267 16 25.

After registering yourself you will also be provided with a Citizen Service Number (BSN). You need this number when you open a bank account or take out health insurance.

Make sure that:

  • you bring all the required documents
  • everyone who needs to be registered is present in person
  • you cancel your appointment if you can not come

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Are you moving to a home for which a housing permit (huisvestingsvergunning) is required?

Make sure you make an appointment for first registration with housing permit.

If you are a highly skilled migrant ('kennismigrant') your employer will arrange your registration. In other cases you must do so yourself. It is also important that you deregister with the municipality when you leave the Netherlands.

Please note: the municipality of Rotterdam can impose an administrative fine if you deliberately provide incorrect information for the BRP. This fine is an incentive to make sure that everyone registers properly and passes on correct information in good time.

Registration is free of charge.

  • Completely filled-in application form per person or it can be obtained at the department.
  • if applicable: tenancy agreement (verhuurdersverklaring) and a declaration by the main occupant, or a declaration by main occupant (verklaring inwoning). These documents may not be older than 3 months
  • valid passport or valid identity card and (if applicable) those of your child or children
  • original birth certificate of all those to be registered (translated in English or Dutch by a sworn translator and legalised or with apostille)
    And if applicable: marriage certificate(s) translated and legalised or with apostille, divorce decree(s) or death certificate(s) translated and legalised or with apostille.
    You can find more information on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs about legalisation and apostille.
  • for non-Dutch citizens: first you have to make an appointment with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) to apply for a residence permit. You can make an appointment by calling (0900) 123 45 61. The menu is in Dutch. Ask for 'Afsprakenlijn' for registration at the IND-desk in Rotterdam. After you have obtained the residence permit, you can make an appointment to register at the department.

The IND address is:

IND-loket Rotterdam
Groot Handelsgebouw
Conradstraat 28
3013 AP Rotterdam

If you want to register from Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Saba or Sint Eustatius, you must bring a proof of deregistration

This depends on your personal situation and the documents required. Usually, your registration will be processed within 4 weeks after you have submitted all the documents. You will be informed in writing.

  • anyone who was not previously registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP)
  • anyone who was registered in the BRP before 1994 and is settling again
  • you come from abroad and stay in the Netherlands (in this case, the city of Rotterdam) for 4 months within a half year
  • foreigners can only enroll in the BRP Rotterdam if they have lawful residence in the Netherlands

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If you still have questions, you can also call the municipal service number: (010) 267 16 25.

Every person in the Netherlands has a personal registration number. It is called the Citizen Service Number ('Burgerservicenummer' or BSN). This number is issued to Dutch citizens along with their birth certificate.

You need the BSN in order to:

  • be permitted to work
  • open a bank account
  • make use of a care institution (or hospital)
  • apply for benefits

If you were not born in the Netherlands, you must apply for the number yourself.

How to obtain a BSN
When you come to live in the Netherlands and register with the Municipal Personal Records Database, you will automatically receive a Citizen Service Number. You need the following documents:

  • if you are from the EU or the EEA: a valid passport or identity card
  • in other cases: your visa, residence permit or work permit

Check the following webpage of the government for more information.

To invite friends and family use the IND Application form (pdf) proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation. This procedure is only for people who need a visa to be able to come to the Netherlands.

Fill in the application form and have your signature legalized by the municipality. This will cost € 12,10 (2019). Make an appointment by calling our municipal service number (010) 267 16 25.

Check the IND website for more information.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Call the municipal service number +31 10 267 16 25
  2. Call the municipal service number 14 010 (Dutch only)
  3. For making an appointment online, press the orange button 'Make an appointment'