Exemptions 's-Gravendijkwal
Gepubliceerd op: 22-02-2017
Geprint op: 17-04-2019
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All trucks which need to access roads with the lorry ban, can request an exemption in order to access these roads.

Trucks that do not meet the access requirements, may be eligible for exemptions. Trucks with Dutch license plates are registered automatically through the national vehicle database. Foreign vehicles must be registered once.

Online request

Log on using your Rotterdam account (foreign companies and nationals).

After logging on, you may request exemptions or make appeals for the hardship clause. Note: vehicles with foreign license plates must be registered once. After that, you may apply for exemptions.

Exemptions are not necessary for trucks that either are 100% electric or carry out duties required by law. All other trucks need exemptions to access the ‘s-Gravendijkwal.

The charges for the year 2019

Vehicle registration

free of charge

Requesting a day exemption

€ 25,90


Appeals for the hardship clause
(exceptions with longer exemptions)

€ 185,40 each

These charges are required to cover expanses concerning your applications. The charges are non-refundable.

  • Dutch companies use E-Herkenning to log on, civilians use DigiD
  • Foreign companies or nationals need to register with the City of Rotterdam first

To complete your requests as quickly as possible, please have ready a number of documents for digital upload (scans, PDF). Please refer to the manual for registration and exemptions.

  • accounts are usually ready within minutes after registration
  • day exemptions are usually ready within minutes after payment
  • any appeals concerning the hardship clause are handled individually and must be completed within eight weeks.
  • Dutch license plates: owners requiring exemptions for their vehicles
  • Foreign license plates: owners needing registered vehicles and/or exemptions
  • vehicle registrations receive temporary approval, allowing you to request exemptions
  • the City of Rotterdam will inform you with every new step in a procedure
  • be sure to enter the correct email address
  • updates are also shown in your account

If you have any more questions, contact the City of Rotterdam via vvso@rotterdam.nl (in Dutch and English).