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Maasvlakte freight

The Port of Rotterdam is growing. This also means an increase in the number of trucks heading to Maasvlakte, resulting in poorer air quality. To improve the air quality, there are entry requirements for lorries on the Maasvlakte.

Everyone wants cleaner air and the economy to grow at the same time. Measures have been taken to afford these two important issues the space to develop. These measures relate, among others, to traffic in Maasvlakte.

Specific access requirements apply to trucks at Rotterdam Maasvlakte:

  • Compulsory registration for all trucks in Maasvlakte
  • The Maasvlakte is now only accessible to diesel trucks heavier than 3.5 tonnes if:
    • They are fitted with a Euro VI engine.
    • These are subject to an exemption.
    • They are registered as 'special vehicles' and are not older than 13 years.

You can consult the rules for registration and eligibility for a day or long-term exemption on the related pages.

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