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The Maasvlakte faces an expanding port of Rotterdam. This also means an increase in the number of trucks heading to Maasvlakte, resulting in poorer air quality.

Everyone wants cleaner air and the economy to grow at the same time. Measures have been taken to afford these two important issues the space to develop. These measures relate, among others, to traffic in Maasvlakte.

Specific access requirements apply to trucks at Rotterdam Maasvlakte:

  • Compulsory registration for all trucks in Maasvlakte
  • The Maasvlakte is now only  accessible to diesel trucks heavier than 3.5 tonnes if:
    • They are fitted with a Euro VI engine  or if they are not older than seven years and were registered before 1 January 2013 (initial admission date to the EU)
    • these are subject to an exemption
    • they are registered as 'special vehicles' and are not older than 13 years.

You can consult the rules for registration and eligibility for a day or long-term exemption on the related pages.

General questions about the EuroVI-zone Maasvlakte

The Decree ensures that use of Euro VI diesel engines is encouraged. The use of older, less clean trucks is limited. This ensures that emissions from freight traffic decrease.

In addition to the Maasvlakte 2 Air Quality Agreement Rotterdam is working on other measures. All for better air quality in the port, city and region. The spearheads of our approach are:

  • encouraging cleaner fuels and cleaner transport for both freight traffic on the road as well as shipping
  • cleaner industry
  • reducing the number of polluting car kilometres.

For example, companies in Maasvlakte use the best available techniques to reduce emissions. In the city centre an environmental zone has also applied to the most polluting lorries for quite some time.

The Maasvlakte is now only  accessible to diesel trucks heavier than 3.5 tonnes if:

  • they are fitted with an Euro VI engine  or if they are not older than seven years and were registered before 1 January 2013 (initial admission date to the EU);
  • they possess a day or long-term exemption
  • they are registered as a 'special vehicle' and are not older than 13 years (initial admission date to the EU)

Compulsory registration for all trucks that access Maasvlakte.

The access requirements are part of the  Maasvlakte Air Quality Agreement . The agreement was signed in 2008 by

  • the Municipality of Rotterdam
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • the then Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
  • Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, now the Ministry Infrastructure and the Environment

This agreement is needed to ensure that use of Maasvlakte II does not result in the further deterioration of the air quality in places in the Rijnmond area where air quality standards are exceeded. Other measures are:

  • clean engines for inland navigation
  • speed reduction for inland navigation
  • the installation of screens along the A4 and A15
The entire shaded area falls under the Traffic Decree. This concerns: 
  • all postcodes in the postcode area 3199, with the exception of 3199 LN and 3199 LE
  • port numbers 7200 up to and including port number 9900.

The Municipality of Rotterdam is responsible for enforcing the Traffic Decree and the registration obligation. Enforcement is based on camera surveillance with automated licence plate recognition and by carrying out physical inspections. Offenders are issued with an immediate, fully automatic fine by the Central Judicial collection agency CJIB. Fines for not registering are collected throughout Europe by a specialist collection agency. It is therefore important that trucks with a non-Dutch licence plate register with the Municipality of Rotterdam to request exemptions.

Registering and applying for an exemption 

All trucks that access Maasvlakte, must be registered with the Municipality of Rotterdam. For Dutch licence plates, Rotterdam makes use of RDW vehicle registrations. Trucks with a foreign licence plate are required to register with the Municipality of Rotterdam. You can do it via the Maasvlakte Truck Registration page. Registration is free and only has to be done once. Other registrations at non-official websites are not accepted.

Dutch licence plates: Dutch companies can log in with 'eHerkenning'. The Municipality of Rotterdam uses security installations in this process 1. See for more information about eHerkenning. Dutch citizens use DigiD.

Foreign licence plates: Foreign companies and citizens must first create an account with the Municipality of Rotterdam.

To register a vehicle with a foreign licence plate, you need scans of the vehicle’s registration documents and licence plate. The registration document must specify the vehicle’s environmental classification.

A day exemption can only be requested if the vehicle for which you need an exemption has been registered. No special documents are then required for the exemption application.
To pay for your application, you need a valid credit card or debit card with iDEAL. An exemption application can be submitted a maximum of twelve times per calendar year per licence plate.

Trucks that require an exemption to access Maasvlakte must submit an application in advance. And be able to present the related exemption when accessing Maasvlakte.

  • Accounts are immediately ready for use. Vehicle registrations are provisionally approved automatically and finally approved after verification.
  • Applications for day exemptions are processed automatically after payment and, as a rule, approved automatically.
  • Cases that rely on the hardship clause for a long-term exemption are subject to individual assessment. This lasts a maximum of eight weeks.
  • If your application process for a long-term exemption is ongoing, this does not grant you right of access.
  • The Municipality of Rotterdam will keep you informed about each step of the process via e-mail. It is therefore important that you have a valid, usable e-mail address. 
  • You can also monitor the progress of your application in your account.

The administration fees differ for each process. You can find the exact costs on this page.

Administration fees are paid for processing the application. Fees are non-refundable in the event of a refusal.

If your truck may no longer access the EuroVI-zone Maasvlakte, you can apply for the following exemptions:

  • Day exemptions: All trucks are entitled to 12 day exemptions a year. There are no further requirements with regard to the Euro class or age of the vehicle.
  • Hardship clause: Do you believe the rules of the Traffic Decree affect you disproportionately harshly? You may be eligible for a long-term exemption on the basis of the hardship clause (Article 5). Therefore it’s required that you can proof (contract or otherwise) that the work to the Maasvlakte has been accepted before November 5th 2015. Furthermore you’ll have to motivate why this Decree effects you disproportional.

The traffic decree has the following exemptions wherefore no additional payment is required:

  • Special vehicles, such as gulley emptiers or tow trucks as well as exceptional transport, receive exemptions, provided that these vehicles are not older than 13 years. Is your truck a special vehicle? You can apply to the Municipality of Rotterdam for this status during the registration of your vehicle.
  • Trucks that are used by or on behalf of a government agency for the performance of a statutory and/or government task, are eligible for an exemption. When submitting the application for exemption, the owner of the lorry must upload a digital copy of the contract. Indicating that the lorry is eligible for exemption. Exemption will apply for the duration of the contract. The contract must have been entered into prior to 5 November 2015.
  • The access rules for the Maasvlakte are waived for campers registered as trucks. An exemption is granted based on photos and a description of the vehicle. These must show that this meets the guidelines as defined in Article 7 of the Decree. If registration with RDW and on is not possible, a specific request can be submitted via:
  • Trucks equipped with a green professional vehicle registration are automatically exempt. In this case you do not need to apply for an exemption.


If your questions are not answered on this page, please contact us via (in Dutch and English).

Practical information

If you get an error message you can first delete the cookies and/or relaunch your browser or apply again. For persistent problems, please contact First make a print screen of the error with a time display and send it with your mail.

If there is no activity in the application for 15 minutes, the application closes

Attachments are only accepted in PDF, JPEG, and PNG format. 5 MB can be sent per file.

Internet traffic is secured. To create a Foreign Account you need a mobile number to receive text messages with authentication codes. You have to use the code immediately and it is only valid once. For each new log-in to your account you will receive a new code via text message.

Please note: do not close your windows screen until you have used the code.

  • The first time your account must be activated. You will receive an e-mail with an activation link. The activation link is valid for a limited amount of time.
  • You do not receive a text message. Contact
  • You do not receive an activation link. Check your spam box and contact us if you can't find the e-mail with the link.
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