Domestic refuse
Gepubliceerd op: 15-12-2016
Geprint op: 23-09-2022
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The municipality’s waste management and public cleaning department collects domestic refuse. In most parts of the city common domestic refuse is collected once or twice a week.

Please put your wheelie bin or your refuse bags on the pavement between 06.00 and 08.00 hours on the regular collection day. It is not permitted to do this the day before. In multi-story buildings collective containers are at hand. In some parts of Rotterdam you will find refuse containers where you can dispose of your domestic refuse in the street.


Large items of refuse which do not fit in bins or refuse bags have to be collected separately. To arrange this you must call our municipal service number (010) 267 16 25 (from the Netherlands) or +31 10 267 16 25 (from abroad) to make an appointment for collection. You can also deliver this refuse to one of the stations (Milieuparken), which are open Monday through Saturday.

For all stations, directions, opening hours and contact details, please check here (Dutch only).


Please sort domestic refuse. Substances such as paper, glass, textile, metal, plastic, appliances and organic waste (vegetable, fruit and garden waste) can be recycled. Chemical waste (batteries, medicine, solvents, paint waste) are processed separately from normal refuse. Dividing various waste products helps to reduce environmental pollution.

Rotterdam provides the following facilities for the separation of waste products:

  • at many locations in the city there are bottle-banks for glass and paper containers for paper and cardboard.
  • in most districts there are textile containers for clothing and other textiles.
  • batteries can be handed in at many shops and supermarkets.

You are kindly requested to use these facilities as much as possible.
For extermination of vermin, such as rats and cockroaches, you can contact Disinfection. Please call promptly in order to prevent further contamination 010 - 267 16 25 (from the Netherlands) or +31 10 267 16 25 (from abroad).