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Gepubliceerd op: 16-03-2020
Geprint op: 03-06-2020
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The national government has announced measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We also have to deal with this in Rotterdam. Since March 26, an emergency ordinance has been in force, which prohibits group formation.

The corona measures in the Netherlands are extended until Tuesday 19 May. The cabinet decided on 21 April. However, there is cautiously more space for children and young people.

The weather is nice and the temptation to go to the beach or park is great. But: stay at home! Enjoy the beautiful weather in your garden or on your balcony. Meet digitally, via FaceTime or WhatsApp. Pay attention to each other and take your roommates and neighbours into account. Are you going out to exercise or because there is no other way? Keep at least 1.5 meters away and avoid group formation.

Only together can we control corona.

The following measures still apply:

The measures announced earlier by the cabinet will also continue to apply until May 19. That means that in the Netherlands until that time we:

  • stay at home with mild colds, such as, colds, cough, fever and sore throat
  • do not shake hands
  • work from home if possible
  • cancel all meetings until June 1st
  • take general hygiene measures. These are: washing your hands well, coughing and sneezing in the inside of your elbow and using tissue paper.

New emergency ordinance: group formation not allowed

The government's new measures are now also in force in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region. With the new emergency regulation it's no longer allowed to be in groups on the street or in parks. Keeping your distance remains important.

Previous news

On April 21, the government decided to extend all measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus until Tuesday, May 19. Sports facilities and catering will therefore remain closed until May 19. In any case, schools will remain closed until after the May holiday. The ban on events will remain in effect until September 1.

On March 30, there was an addition to the emergency ordinance. From now on it is forbidden to stay overnight in recreation parks, camping grounds, marinas and on the beach in the region. All campsites in Rotterdam-Rijnmond were previously closed. The ban also applies to owners of second homes, permanent cottages and permanent pitches. It is also forbidden to offer such overnight stays.

The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region wants to prevent tourists and visitors from putting extra pressure on the regional care facilities. Two exceptions have been made to the addition to the emergency ordinance. Seasonal workers may stay overnight. In addition, temporary residence is allowed for by people who don't have another home. The new measures will take effect immediately.

In the emergency ordinance of March 27, measures were tightened up and new ones introduced:

  • Campsites in Rotterdam-Rijnmond are closed
  • Skate parks, football cages and the like are closed
  • People should stay at home as much as possible
  • Events with a permit and notification obligation are prohibited until 1 September 2020. Also when it comes to meetings of less than 100 people
  • An exception has been made for municipal councils, among others. For funerals, there can be a maximum of 30 people, but only if they can keep 1.5 meters apart
  • All other advice and regulations remain in force until May 19, including the closure of schools.

Emergency ordinance

On March 26, Mayor Aboutaleb signed a tightened emergency ordinance, as chairman of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region. This contains the measures that the cabinet presented on Monday evening. Mayors have far-reaching powers. This way they can designate areas where it is forbidden to come. For example, parks, beaches or neighbourhoods. Read the emergency ordinance on the website of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region (pdf, in Dutch).

Tightened measures

In the emergency ordinance of 26 March, measures were tightened and new ones introduced:

  • People should stay at home as much as possible
  • Events with a permit and notification obligation are prohibited until 1 June 2020. Also when it comes to meetings of less than 100 people.
  • An exception has been made for municipal councils, among others. For funerals and weddings, there may be a maximum of 30 people, but only they can keep 1.5 meters apart
  • All other advice and regulations remain in force until April 28, including the closure of schools.

A free parking permit is available for healthcare providers in Rotterdam, which applies to the entire city until the end of May. The temporary parking permit can, under certain conditions, be requested digitally.

You can do this on the Parking caregivers page (in Dutch). After checking and agreeing to the set conditions, the permit is immediately active. Read the news item (in Dutch) for more information.

All national and Rotterdam collections have been suspended due to coronavirus. So there will be no house-to-house collectors.

Yes, that's possible. In consultation with RIVM, RET has taken measures to minimize the risk of infection with the coronavirus during travel by public transport. For example, bus travellers are requested to get in through the back door and check in there. This reduces the number of contact moments between travellers and bus drivers. Conductors are in the front of the tram and request travellers to take a seat in the back of the tram. The front rows of seats are not available. Metro and tram drivers open the doors automatically so that travellers don't have to press the button. It takes about 2 seconds for the doors to open.

RET has also adjusted the timetable. Before travelling, look for current departure times in the RET Real Time App or plan your trip with the RET Travel Planner. For more information about measures taken by the RET, visit the RET website.

An adjusted timetable also applies to the Waterbus lines 18, 19 and 20, the Pont op Zuid, the Fast Ferry and the Watertaxi Rotterdam.

The weather is nice, so we understand that you want to go outside. A nice trip to the forest, the park, the beach or the playground. But outside also keep out of sufficient distance to others: at least 1.5 meters. This will prevent you or others from becoming infected with the coronavirus. You can read how to do this in practice in the news item Houd afstand (in Dutch).

All schools in reception centers will be closed from 16 March. Schools and reception centers remain open to children of parents with so-called vital professions. These are parents who, for example, work in healthcare, with the police or the fire brigade. These children can go to the school or shelter where they normally go. This allows those parents to continue working.

Solutions are being looked at for secondary and MBO students who are taking their final exams this year. They will receive more information about this in the coming weeks.

Emergency shelter for children of parents / guardians in crucial occupational groups

All schools and childcare organizations in the Netherlands are closed at least until Tuesday April 28 due to the coronavirus. The shelter that is now provided in schools and childcare is emergency shelter - intended to ensure that people in crucial occupational groups can continue to do their work for society. For more information, see this poster from the Dutch government.

If, as a parent with a crucial profession, you are not able to use your childcare, or if you as a parent with a crucial profession have not yet used childcare and you now need it for the exercise of your profession, you can please contact the municipality for emergency reception. This can be done via telephone number 010 - 498 40 15.

All restaurants, cafes and clubs are also closing. They will be closed from Sunday evening 15 March 6.00 pm. There are some exceptions to this. For example, takeaways from food and drinks without seating can be left open. But you should not eat the food there yourself. Company canteens may also remain open to staff and restaurants in hotels for hotel guests. In addition to schools and catering establishments, the following institutions will remain closed until May 19:

  • gyms, sport fields,swimming pools and fitness centers
  • sex establishments
  • massage parlors
  • saunas
  • coffee shops. Coffee shop pick-up counters may remain open.

From March 20, nursing homes and small-scale housing in elderly care will also be closed to visitors and others who are not necessary for basic care.

Only go outside when necessary. For example, for shopping, or for a breath of fresh air. Don't do that with more than 3 people. Work at home if possible. Keep 1.5 meters away from others (2 arm lengths). Also on the street, in the supermarket and in the park. And of course follow the rules below that prevent you from spreading the virus:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water several times a day. Also wash well between your fingers
  • Use tissue paper when sneezing and blowing
  • Always cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Don't shake hands.

Municipal services

For any questions about the coronavirus, our telephone number 14 010 is not only available on weekdays, but also on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. View the changes in the services of the municipality via the link below:

Message from the mayor

'I call on all Rotterdammers to stay at home, to avoid social contacts, to observe the 1.5 meters. Preventing further spread of the virus is our goal. Talk to each other about this and take each other into account. If you do not comply with the measures, our enforcers on the street will address you and point out your responsibility. '

mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb

Frequently asked questions about group formation

If three or more people do not keep 1.5 meters away, have a chat. Maybe they belong together. This rule does not apply to a household. Non-families can also form a household.

Secretly take a photo and publish it on social media. Especially if you don't know or have spoken to those people. Would you like to be put on show like that?

Call 112. The police are busy enough already. Also calling 14 010 is not a good idea. This municipal service number is for information and requests for help from residents.

Call 0900 - 88 44, the national service number of the national police for all your non-urgent questions or problems.

Enforcement is present on a daily basis in the city, they actively appeal to people, but they cannot be in every desired place at any time. Therefore also speak to each other and take care of each other.

More information

For the latest information, see the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) website and the website of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Municipal Health Service (GGD).