City Government
Gepubliceerd op: 11-07-2018
Geprint op: 22-02-2019
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The Municipal Executive Committee and the City Council jointly govern the city and make up the City Government.

The City Council is the legislative body (sets out general policy and passes bills). The City Executive is the executive body (submits bills, implements policy and makes day-to-day decisions).

The Municipal Executive Committee consists of Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and ten Vice Mayors. The City’s nine Vice Mayors are (including their political parties):

  • Judith Bokhove (GroenLinks)
  • Arno Bonte (GroenLinks)
  • Michiel Grauss (ChristenUnie-SGP)
  • Said Kasmi (D66)
  • Barbara Kathmann (PvdA)
  • Bas Kurvers (VVD)
  • Richard Moti (PvdA)
  • Sven de Langen (CDA)
  • Bert Wijbenga (VVD)