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Waste disposal businesses

The Netherlands has strict legislation with regard to waste disposal. Every company must take adequate measures to ensure that waste is disposed of correctly.

At the same time, your business must limit the impact on the environment as much as possible.

The European list of waste products ('Eural') has been implemented in the Netherlands. A waste administration is obligatory for certain types of non-household waste, including hazardous waste. Your documentation must show how much waste your company produces and how you dispose of it. Your administration will be audited by DCMR Environmental Protection Agency. In order to cut the costs of waste collection, you are advised to divide the waste into different categories. This is especially important for hazardous waste.
In some cases, small amounts of non-hazardous waste can be seen as normal domestic refuse and will be collected by the municipal waste management department (see Domestic refuse). Information can be given by telephone 010 267 16 25.

Non-household waste

Collection of larger amounts of non-household waste and hazardous waste can be carried out by a number of companies. Many services can only be done by companies that are acknowledged by Dutch law; these services include:

  • collection and processing of hazardous waste 
  • processing of non-hazardous company waste 
  • pest control, disinfection, decontamination and fumigation of goods, ships and buildings 
  • cleaning of sewers, septic tanks, grease traps, oil and water separators 
  • cleaning of surface water, docks, embankment protection, ships’ hulls 
  • purifying polluted soil.

More information

Advice on waste separation and logistics as well as lists of acknowledged waste collection companies can be obtained from Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland. Link opens an external page. This is a centre of expertise for waste matters and is available to authorities and companies for specific information. You can reach them by telephone 088 - 042 42 42 or visit their website.

Information about Dutch law and regulations can be obtained from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment . Link opens an external pageand from DCMR Environmental Protection Agency. Link opens an external page.

DCMR Environmental Protection Agency
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